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A Letter From Our CBO (“Chief Blogging Officer”)…

Family…and big, little girls come first! However, it also dawned on me that I should deal with a couple of issues that have been coming into our Customer Service & Complaints Department (basically, “my wife”). Some of you have noticed (if you subscribe to the blog), that the mail you receive telling you about the last posting sometimes “differs” from the version on the web. I have to confess – I am human and you know what they say about “erring”! Yes, sometimes I post something and notice a couple of errors (many, many thanks to all of you that help me with these) – and change them. But, more importantly – and this is the “beauty” of a blog – I sometimes change my mind and add a bit or chop a bit out! You gotta love “live media”!
MY ADVICE – even if you subscribe – go to the blog itself to see the final, final “draft” (and come back in a few days to check up on the revisions)… Also, some of you have mentioned that I do not always explain an idea or example I give in a post (welcome to my wife’s world - remember, I am a male of the species and we are not well known for our ability to multi-task or ask for "directions"). I do try to link between the various posts (if you see a bit of “red text” it will take you to an earlier post and should give you more detail. The “red text” might also take you to another site and you can follow-up on that in your own time.
MY ADVICE – click on the “red text” more. Also, let me have any feedback by e-mail ( and I’ll do my best to come back to you – or fix the issue. As I’ll be away for a while, you might want to take some time to scroll through the “archives” - there are almost 60 posts to choose from. On the main page – at the bottom of the pagein the first column, on the leftyou can download all the posts from a given month (this will give you a never-ending page of all the posts from that month). You might want to print this out (better to load it onto your iPad as a PDF) – so you can read it on the deniz otobüsü (here’s a good opportunity to click on some “red text”) or, at least, use the pages to hide yourself from the “conductors” so you can sneak onto the open “deck” and "fly". Finally, as you know we have had a number of guest-bloggersacademics, teachers and students. We are always on the look-out for more…so just drop me a line! Have a great week and weekend. See you all when I get back…
P.S: Part FOUR of the Curriculum series will be out before I go - promise!
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