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Advice from a few "old hands"...

  1. Focus on LEARNing - not TRAINing

  2. Focus on emotional intelligence, integrity and compassion

  3. Develop the person, not just the skills and knowledge

  4. Develop the fluency – not just the literacy

  5. Ask – don’t just tell

  6. Prioritise “doing” – not just learning-by-listening

  7. Think about growing a person from the inside – not changing them from the outside

  8. Think “knowledge co-creation” – not knowledge transfer

  9. Focus on individuals – not just the group

  10. Remember adults (kids, too) want the 3Rs – Real, Respect, Responsibility

  11. Think activities and tasks – not “content”

  12. See yourself as an educator – not simply an “edutainer”

  13. Think “story-telling” and learning conversations – not mini-lectures

  14. Always “walk-your-talk”

  15. Trainees want challenge, collaboration and choice – always (even when they don’t know it)!

  16. Use variety in your materials, activities and grouping techniques

  17. Feedback, feedback, feedback…and act on it!

  18. Leave the ego at the door – it’s about “them”, not “you”

  19. Try to create “learning opportunities” – not just humorous sound bites

  20. Build trust – before getting to attitudes, beliefs and assumptions

  21. Think engagement – not just artificial impact

  22. Accentuate the positives - always

  23. Resist the temptation to give answers – questions, questions, questions

  24. Always have faith in people's ability to learn for themselves

Have a go! It's good fun...

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