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Back to School - ASSESSMENT for DUMMIES...

  1. ASSESSING How We ASSESS Learners (Part One)

  2. ASSESSING How We ASSESS Learners (Part Two)

  3. ASSESSING How We ASSESS Learners (Part Üç) All good educators know that assessment is a critical component of any successful learning and teaching experience. They also recognise that assessment is one of the main parts of the “job” of teaching or supporting learning. Students know MORE!

Students know that it is assessment that mediates all teaching and learning relationships. They know there is nothing more central to the learning experience than assessment. They know assessment can affect their whole future careers and…lives! For students, the type of assessment they know is “around the corner” determines:
  1. what they define as important;

  2. when they tune in and tune out during formal learning opportunities;

  3. what they study in their own time and how much they engage with their subject matter; and,

  4. how they come to see themselves as students, graduates and people in later life In a nutshell, and to borrow the words of John Cowen:

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