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Back to University - Time for a CHANGE?

  1. Why can't our universities (still) get it right? And, I have "teased" them about the games they "play" with their "rankings"!

  2. Has the world of the "GRADUATE" actually changed? Even about "research":

  3. Something "Rotten" in the state of...RESEARCH

  4. Virtual University is now in 130 countries (and still asking if you want to be a "professor")

  5. The Khan Academy is still going great guns - having to date delivered almost 73,762,000 lessons! Amazing what a little "injection of Gates-dosh" will do for you...

  6. The School of Life is still offering all those seminars we wish we had taken at uni - every student should sign up for their latest "How to find a job you love" seminar (they'll need it)! So, I have decided to re-blog it (see below) - you never know we might see a few more of these changes. AY2011/12 might be the year!

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