Between a ROCK and a very HARD PLACE…(Pt 04)

…when we talk about curriculum and pacing guides. We could probably argue the toss about this for days:

The Flash!

This is what happened:

Told you I was gonna play with me comics a bit! As Flash sort of hinted “running” is a lot more than just “pacing” – it’s physical and mental, it’s about time and practice, it’s about quality and quantity, it’s about building strength and knowing when to surge/when to rest – and, at the end of the day, it’s about the “runner”. But, it’s also about the “coach” – how good he is at connecting with his runner, how well he knows his runner, how good he is at choosing the right LEARNing opportunity for the right time, – and, the sense of duty/service/responsibility he feels to always do his “best” to get the “best” from his runner.

That's just...

Sorry, kids! The “responsibility” (duty/service/responsibility) I mentioned above, however, does not stop at the teacher – it’s a responsibility that is shared with school administrators, curriculum coordinators and teams, course designers…even publishers! Also, as we noted in Part 03, maybe even LEARNers need to carry the can, too… As I told you earlier, I’ve never been a "fan" of playing…

  1. How did we agree to all this nonsense?

  2. What assumptions were we working with when we went with pacing guidelines that encouraged “lockstep” content delivery and coverage?

  3. What needs to change to help us fix it – and “save the planet”? I have a few ideas (Dexter is “right” - and it might be worth seeing how far the "butterfly effect" has rippled the pond)…but that will require Part 05 (the last one...promise)!

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