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Canlı Para – “Engin Abi”, Can’t our schools keep it all?

  1. Great Teachers

  2. A Great Curriculum and Assessment Process

  3. Great Leaders

  4. A Great “Culture” It’s that simple! So, why is that we have to divide our kids’ futures over these four drop boxes?

This year “let’s pay more attention to Principals and their leadership”. Oh, wait – that didn’t work – let’s tweak the curriculum a bit. OK – that wasn’t so great either so let’s focus on teachers (and what a terrible job they are all doing) this time around….. The politics of the pendulum just keep on swinging! Guys! You need to pay attention to them all – all the time! P.S: My daughter was on an Endemol show over 18 months ago (first female to make it to the final of the Turkish version of “Wipe-Out”) – she is still waiting for her prize money! We can wait for the cash (but not much longer) – can we really wait for our schools to get it right? P.P.S: This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Jane – you know why!
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