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Curating the #!%@ outta the Internet!

Yes, I still had an image (from one of my more recent posts) I wanted to use!  Now, I could spend hundreds and thousands of words explaining what curation is all about – but we all know:

  1. Content Curation World (curated by Robin Good)

  2. Curation & The Future of Publishing (curated by gdecugis) Actually, I first got interested in curation because I noticed that some “buggar” had raided me blog – and, I thought at the time, “nicked” me “stuff” (this does happen a lot BTW…still). In fact, the title of Pascal’s site sort of shocked me when I discovered that he had “grabbed” some of my stuff (but he always gives credit where credit is due).

  3. Things I Grab (curated by Pascal aka plerudulier) He is, shall we say, – a “curation machine” (who sleeps less than I do). But, he has an amazing range of interests and LEARNs me so much. The next big “curation find” I had was this one – packed with great stuff that really made me thunk…and LEARN (again, Maria does not seem to sleep much – or has an “army” of clones):

  4. Brain Pickings (curated by Maria Popova)

So, here we go! Although widely-known as a “blog”, this site has been one of my favourite curation sites for some time – and not just because of the sexy title Ian Jukes gave the site (there is a really good story behind this storyCLICK HERE to find out more):

  1. The Committed Sardine Blog (curated by the guys at the 21st Century Fluency Project) Some of my other fave EDUcuration sites are:

  2. Digital Delights (curated by Ana Cristina Pratas)

  3. Interactive Teaching and Learning (curated by Anne Whaits)

  4. 21st Century Tools for Teaching-People and Learners (curated by Gust Mees)

  5. Transformational Leadership (curated by Susan Bainbridge)

  6. Infographics (curated by thomesss) There are MORE:

  7. The 4th Era (curated by Jim Lerman)

  8. Everything iPads (curated by <