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  1. Have our Educational Leaders got the “STUFF”? One our very earliest post was very well received – seems it touched a nerve for many of you. It raises the issue of what type of educational leadership we need for the 21st Century – and the type of organisational culture we need to be co-creating for the future:

  2. The End of the HIGHWAY… We also did this one in Turkish, too:

  3. OTOYOLUN Sonu…

  1. The FIVE Corners of Educational Leadership Again, in Turkish…for those of you that would prefer:

  2. Eğitim Liderliğinin Beş Köşe Taşları

  1. Covey on allthingslearing We also have a lot of educational-wannabesthose “using” education for purposes that are far removed from allthingslearning – we need to ask if we need these “leaders” at all;

  2. If you don’t know anything about LEARNING…

And, what we can do when we confront people like this:

  1. Dealing with the DARK SIDE… My love of TV shows also got the better of me and I looked at whether Tony Soprano could add anything to our knowledge base (turns out he can):

  2. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – What can Tony Soprano “learn” educators?

  3. Becoming a more emotionally intelligent LEADER…

  1. Çay ve Simit – and a bit of education…

  2. Çay ve Simit – and some more “accreditation”! As well as examples of the leadership shown by their learners:

  3. Learning from our LEARNERS…and their LEADERSHIP

We’ll have more of these – coming to a DVD store near you soon!

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