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Educational Literacy...for the 21st Century

Blog!  Well, actually it’s more like “draft-blog” because I realise I do not have my “image portfolio” with me – a “naked post” I cannot do!

I’m back home (for 6 hours) and can now “dress” this post…

1. Yes, I did "make up" (though I do prefer the lexical items ”co-create” or "coin") the phrase Educational Literacy (EdL)... 2. No, there is no "research" to back up my "claims" (not that I thought I was making any, really)... 3. Yes, the “ideas” in a number of the posts are "different" - please see no. 1 above (I am "making this up" as I “blog along”…and I kinda like seeing how things “evolve”)! But, come on...I did come up with a definition:

OK - bad example!All "teachers" need to also know stuff about teaching - they need to be able to "do" stuff with what they know about teaching - and, I may be pushing it here, they need to be able to get better at what they do with the stuff they know.

Do you feel me?

The problem is, of course, that:

…and, I’m guessing you can all “add” a few things to this “list”! Then, of course, there are the Literacies of Curriculum and Assessment. Why the hell we think that a teacher can be "effective" without knowing a lot of stuff about these (and, more importantly, being able to "do" even more stuff with this ability set) - is beyond me. However, we still have a very large number of "teacher education programmes" that do little more than scratch the surface of the "knowledge" required in these key areas. And, when they do, it is mostly the declarative variety that is “delivered” to our "teachers-in-training" - through “lectures” or information that is simply “dumped” on webpages. Effective teachers are highly "literate" in all these components of EdL - even if they do not fully recognise it themselves. Some are "naturals" - but there are many others who have worked (very) hard to make explicit all that makes them "tick". I've often thought that this kinda begs the $1,000,000 question:

...indeed, we could probably argue that these literacies are required by every "thinking doer" in every single "caring profession" (and maybe even a few of the not-so-caring variety)!

OK - that's probably as many literacies as we can all manage! But, hang on - those truly effective teachers (like those in Hollywood movies - when Hollywood decides we need a bit of educational inspiration) are not only "literate" - they are truly "fluent" in these Literacies. They "do" their "stuff" without thinking - bit like driving a car...

Common-sense really...Wait a minute, Tony! What does all this have to do with the 21st Century - and where's all the stuff about EdTech Literacies (and Fluencies)?

Ahhhhhh, that's for another post!

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