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Emotionally Intelligent LEADership - What can Tony Soprano "LEARN" EDUcators?

Tony (RIP)

I have to admit - loved the show (and James) and wish it had gone on forever!8 I also have a daughter (as you may know) but have never been convinced of Tony’s skills as a "parent" – as these clips from season one demonstrate: 8

Parvati: There's a Zuni saying: for every 20 wrongs a child does, ignore 19. Tony: There's an old Italian saying: you fuck up once, you lose 2 teeth.  Tony: I was proud to be Johnny Soprano's kid. When he beat the shit outta that guy, I went to the class. I told them how tough my father was. Melfi: Do you think that's how your son feels about you? Tony: Yeah, probably. And I'm glad, I'm glad he's proud of me. But that's the bind I'm in, 'cause I don't want him to be like me. Meadow: Sometimes you're so naive. What do you think Dad does for a living? A.J.: Waste management. Meadow: Do you know any other garbagemen who live in a house like this?  Meadow: Are you in the Mafia?  Tony: Am I in the what?  Meadow: Whatever you want to call it. Organized crime.  Tony: That's total crap, who told you that?  Meadow: Dad, I've lived in the house all my life. I've seen the police come with warrants. I've seen you going out at three in the morning.  Tony: So you never seen Doc Cusamano going out at three in the morning on a call?  Meadow: Did the Cusamano kids ever find $50,000 in krugerrandts and a .45 automatic while they were hunting for Easter eggs?  Tony: I'm in the waste management business. Everybody immediately assumes you're mobbed up. It's a stereotype. And it's offensive. And you're the last person I would want to perpetuate it... There is no Mafia.  Meadow: Fine.  Tony: Alright look, Mead, you're a grown woman, almost. Some of my money comes from illegal gambling and whatnot. How does that make you feel? 8 Tony, the head of the “family”, had a heart, had feelings – and panic attacks! His shrink, Dr. Melfi, tried to get him to open up. The problem was Tony was not the most emotionally-intelligent of Dr, Melfi’s clients! 8
Tony: This. Therapy. I HATE this fuckin' shit! Seriously, we're both adults here, right? So after all is said and done, after all the complainin' and the cryin' and all the fuckin' bullshit... is this all there is? 8 Let's be honest here - with the exception of the "ducks", emotions were never Tony’s strong point…

I'm guessing, however, Tony might say:

Mmmm...perhaps, me "sleeps with the fishes" tonite!

A few things are, however: