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FIXing Hazırlık...(the Postscript)

Some of you might be thunking...a postscript?

What the heck for? 8 That last post gave us so many good best practices to get our teeth into...actually, we've already got / done a few of them.

All we need to do is put all the others in place!


Checklist (WRONG)

Afterall, it's that type of advice that 'sells'...yes?8 Certainly sells more than wishy-washy, idealistic, quixotic stuff like:

Learning and Improving 01

Learning and Improving 02


Sorry (bw)


REFLECTing ourselves

Lise 5 know, remember...we said something about 'hazırlık' being 'broken'!8 Seriously, go back and take a look at all those suggestions (this is where you CLICK...on the 'red' stuff)... ...put yourself in the shoes of a 'typical' student at your own institution (no, not one of those 'süper-inek', 100% scholarship students that our schools 'love' to cream off the YÖK lists)... 8

...and 'answer' this little question: