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How many “hours” does it take to LEARN English, hocam?

That having been said many so-called experts (and publishers) "agree" on the following type of broad recommendations: A1 – 80-100 GLHsA2 - 180-200 GLHsB1 - 350-400 GLHsB2 - 550-600 GLHsC1 - 750-800 GLHsC2 - 1000-1200 GLHs I really have my doubts about the recommended GLHs for level C2 - most higher-level learners do not get to this level based on "classroom GLHs" alone ("talent" is a key factor, as is "extended contact" with native speaker-like "environments"). Also, the "right kind of environment" is important - my wife has been an ELL for 25 years and I do not think she would mind if I said she would probably struggle in a more "academic" environment - she would, however, wipe the floor with most native speakers on matters of a spiritual nature, reconnective healing, and counselling workaholic educators! But, that's for another post... For many “hazırlık centres” or “prep schools” at university level in Turkey the distinction between B2 and C1 is of more interest. This is because, in terms of the CEFR, most Turkish universities have selected a "hazırlık exit requirement" somewhere between B2 and C1. We see this more clearly when we look at IELTS equivalencies for these CERF levels – somewhere between IELTS band 5.0 and 7.0 for those of you more familiar with IELTS. Most “hazırlık centres” in Turkey are still to define their programmes and progression systems in terms of CERF and TOEFL scores or IELTS bands are the more common form of “currency” when discussing what it takes to “graduate” from hazırlık into “freshman year”. Top ranking universities in the UK currently all require an IELTS band of 7.0 and other "respectable" universities ask for an IELTS band of 6.5 (with no less than 6.0 in each module) for international students applying to their undergraduate programmes. These universities will also accept a band 5.5 for entry onto their "foundation programmes" - the equivalent to hazırlık. If you want to "live" in Australia, you have to make sure you have an IELTS band of 7.0 - remember this! Boğaziçi requires an IELTS band 7.0 while Bilkent, Koç, Özyeğin and Sabancı all expect a 6.5 for example. METU and Bahçeşehir require a band 6.0 but on Bahçeşehir's MYO programmes only a band 5.0 is required (an IELTS band of 7.5 is requested from students wishing to study American Literature and Culture at "lisans" or undergraduate level).
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