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How to Make a Mushroom Omelette!

The secret? ......You DON’T! One of the things I have often said about “good teaching” is that:
How do we TEACH them all? I say again – we DON’T…we CAN’T…we SHOULDN’T! We all know – in our heart-of-hearts – that we can never make a “real difference” to our learners by teaching them “about” stuff. Being successful in both pedagogy and andragogy is truly about “Learnacy” (our own) – and the impact we have on how our learners feel, think and act.
  1. Is literacy enough?

  2. Is teaching enough?

  3. Is content enough?

  4. Is technology enough?

  5. Is fluency enough?

  6. Is learnacy enough?No! But – together all of them will give us a better shot and achieving the “impact” we know we need to have. So, what’s the “recipe”? STEP 1 - Read, learn and discuss more about traditional literacy” and the newer “literacies/fluencies” – and what they “mean” for your learners and your learning-and-teaching context! STEP 2 - Be the change you want to see in education! (nuff said – who is going to disagree with Gandhi)! STEP 3 - Begin with the end in mind (Go on - click on it - dare you)! STEP 4 – Just do it! STEP 5 - Start small, begin slowly and focus on doing a few things “differently” and “well” (Rome was not built in a day…)! STEP 6 - Know that for real improvement in learning and teaching, we need to build in a “curriculum perspective” into our planning (what do they say – “a lack of planning is almost as if we were planning to fail")! STEP 7 - Remember that for real change in learning and teaching, we need to build in an “assessment perspective” into our planning (after all, we all know that if it ain’t “tested”, it don’t get done)! STEP 8 - Use technology – but remember learning is not about the hardware, the software, or the webware…it’s the “headware”, dummy! STEP 9 - Review, evaluate and upgrade – Microsoft does not still “control” the world because it always gets-it-right-first-time (actually, it hardly ever does), it does well because it learns from our frustrations and pumps out upgrades faster than you can say “where’s my credit card”! STEP 10 - Remember “best practice” is seldom ever enough – it is, more often than not, about somebody else’s solution to somebody else’s problem. Surely, it’s better to heed what Covey tells us about the “end” and “bearing it in mind” – and look for “Next Practice” for ourselves! STEP 11 - Know thy learners, their needs and their current "headware" (you never know - you may not have to "teach" as much as you thought)! STEP 12 - Damn! Why can you never think of a 12th Step - when you need one! Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference... Does this all mean we can come up with a decent mushroom omelette? Maybe not straight away…...after all…

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