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If you don’t know anything about LEARNING…

“I don’t know much about all this learning stuff and education but…” It was at this point that I stopped him and said what I said. Come on – do you blame me? Seriously? I asked him, “You wouldn’t set up an engineering firm, if you didn’t have a clue about engineering, would you?’ He didn’t like that and launched into the usual diatribe about how it was important to set up new and prestigious institutions that had the best academics and latest technology. I simply asked “Why?” But, there was no real substance to the answer – just more motherhood statements and unsophisticated, empty slogans!
  1. Education is about making a real difference to the lives of others…not personal power, personal gain or control.

  2. Education is about breathing life into a coherent philosophy and walking-your-talk on allthingslearning (and even allthingsresearch).

  3. Education is about how much we can serve – not how much we can be served”.If you already have a Vakif university and want to change the world…start by paying salaries on time, providing more professional development opportunities…or by turning "your office” into 6 or 7 classrooms. If you are thinking about opening a Vakif university – because you can – but just do not "get" the three points above.

Don’t! If you really want to put your money to work for learning, give it to “real educators” with no strings attached…or just buy that Porsche and drive past the gates of your old school…
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