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Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher…the SEQUEL!

  1. think creatively to solve problems in real time

  2. unconsciously and intuitively interpret information in all forms and formats

  3. work cooperatively with virtual and real partners

  4. use design, art and storytelling to come up with creative solutions

  5. look analytically (and critically) at any communication media to interpret (and evaluate) the real message and create and publish original (and effective) digital messages and products This last one clearly shows the importance of Critical Literacy - for both teachers and students. Indeed, a man far smarter than I asked:

Is it enough to help children and adults to achieve literacy if this simply means they read only sufficiently well to be seduced by advertisers and tabloid newspapers? ( Brian Cox, 1998) What is interesting, however, is when we take a closer look at the elements that make up Critical Literacy – and notice the degree of overlap with the 21st Century Fluencies:
  1. Self-awareness

  2. Self-regulation

  3. Social awareness

  4. Relationship management and…

  1. Empathy Effective teachers know that they are leaders and that:

  1. When we feel “good”, we perform better – at everything we do!

  2. Everyone watches the “boss”!

  3. Leaders set the “standards” of any group! More importantly, they know that:

  1. All communication, all relationships and all learning works, and has always worked, through emotions!