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Is SPEAKING the “lost eagle” of ELT? [Part THREE]

If we are to have any success in “teaching” speaking (or facilitating its learning):
  1. We have to have a decent “roadmap” for speaking

  2. We have start "walking-our-talk"

  3. We have to know how well we doing (and let learners know about this, too)

  4. STEP ONE – fix the curriculum!

  5. STEP TWO – support your teachers in bringing more speaking into the classroom!

  6. STEP THREE – assess speaking (and give learners decent feedback)! I think we have the basis for the follow-up trilogy - watch this space!

BTW, and as promised… Marcus (after waking up to what it’s like being a “slave” for a few days) discovered that his father had fought bravely to protect the eagle – but was murdered by the Seal People. Esca found a way to recover the golden standard – and both he and Marcus did a “runner”. The problem was that the Seal People were all bloody marathon runners – and lasted longer than the horses Marcus and Esca used to escape. Exhausted, trapped in a dead-end and destined to re-live the fate of his daddy, Marcus decided to make his last stand but granted young Esca his “freedom”. Esca did the wise thing and left his ex-master to his fate…only to return with the sad, rag-tag remains of the Ninth Legion (the buggars who’d all done runners and left Marcus’ daddy to be sliced and diced by the Seal People). Determined to earn back their own honour and help Marcus prove his daddy was a true Roman-among-Romans…all hell broke loose in the shallow waters of a Scottish river… You know the rest…
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