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LEARN to “SPEAK” İngilizce…in 10,000 hours (this time)!

expletive bubble


Yes, you would thunk that, wouldn't you?

8 Especially if you had read my more "uplifting" post - LEARN to "SPEAK" 15 hours (maybe even 2)! - a week or so ago! 8 It's funny, isn't it, how we all respond to different types of "news" in such radically different ways:

Bad news

...we don't like so much!


When I wrote that original post, I was still under the influence of all that "Christmas Cheer" we hear so much about - around this time of year!

BUT, in a darker corner of my grey matter...another "number" was hiding there ...lurking ...stirringa much BIGGER number!

Besides, you have to admit...a title suggesting you can "LEARN a language in 15 hours" is gonna get you a lot more "hits" on your blog!


THAT number!

Khan (from Kirk)

Damn you...Anders...Anders Ericsson!



Hang on...just hold your horses, there! I thought the "10,000-hour geezer" was called Malcolm...Malcolm GLADwell?

Damn him...even moreso!



Shiriously...I was not so "GLAD" or "WELL" when I first read about "that number"...really bummed me out (and all my summer LEARNing plans) a couple of years back! a decent bloke (have a look at his seminal paper - HERE - if you have a 2-hr commute in front of you).


Malcolm (and "his dog" - yes, the secret is "out") drew on Anders' work with the "10,000-hour rule" in his book "Outliers" - he claims he wrote the book because he could not find a decent way to explain the careers of really successful people - people like Bill Gates or the Beatles.

But, we all know his dog wanted a lakeside property in Medina!



In a nutshell