LOL on LOL....(from "guest blogger" - Laurence Raw)

I wanted to try and get a few “guest-bloggers” in to share their recent learning experiences . Laurence (who goes by the name “LOL”) pointed out that he’d never blogged….so I signed him up!His post is a keen reminder of the beauty of "a-ha moments" ....and the power of transdisciplinary collaboration....
Again I was galvanized into life by the idea that, in this model, learning becomes something like a stream of consciousness: children (as well as adults) do not necessarily need to learn how to learn , but rather understand that this process happens all the time, from the moment they achieve awareness of the world outside. If this is something they could be made more aware of, then perhaps the whole process of teaching-and-learning might become easier to understand. Now.....who says that talking to colleagues from other disciplines isn't interesting?
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