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So, you wanna be an ELT Teacher Trainer…huh?

  1. There is no one best “route” for becoming a teacher educator – and sometimes many of the so-called “trainer-training” programmes that have sprung up over the years are a waste of time!

  2. There is no one best “trainer profile” – trainers and teacher educators come in all shapes and sizes (but many of them are “rounder” than most – and, not sure why, a large proportion of them still smoke)!

  3. Teacher training or educator LEARNing, as a job, is about “service” – to teachers and the profession. It’s about“serving” - not being “served”.

  4. Teacher-training is really about who you are, what you know, what you stand forand how you share all of that and get others to “find their voice” and share what they have to offer.

  5. It’s bloody hard work – not just about “winning the crowd” or “having a laugh” (what I call the “ka-ka-kee school of teacher training”) – and requires a lot of varied and multiple experiences if you really want to add value to the LEARNing and teaching of others.


NONE of these have changed – over the past 12 months!


Yes, reading is good – and sexy – but reading outside of our disciplines, our comfort zones is sexier! Anyways, I thought I’d share the most recent “bedtime reading list” with you – especially, if you are thinking of taking the “leap”: 8


  1. Learning Through Reflection – a great “summary” article and way to start your own thinking.

  2. Questions for Critical Reflection – a very practical set of questions everyone should know.

  3. A Critical Reflection Framework – a great “potted” summary of the best key elements.

  4. REFLECT yourself to GREATNESS... – a little post from my own blog, allthingslearning (this is the “most important” bit of bedtime reading for this section).

  5. Critical Reflection – an introduction to Mezirow’s work (1990). It’s a bit more “academic” but you do not have to spend too much time on it.


  1. Becoming a Facilitator of Teacher Learning - a great little article from Robert Feather

  2. Am I ready to be a teacher trainer? – a really good “Think-Piece” from Tessa Woodward.

  3. How to be a trainer – this is the follow-up article Tessa wrote to the one above.

  4. Becoming an ELT Teacher Educator – a great blog posting from Marisa Constantinides.

  5. “T” is for Teacher Traini