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Sticky TEACHing and LEARNing

#1 - Can a committee write a poem?

#2 - Why we need more “Committed Sardines”…

#3 - From Literacy to Fluency – 21st Century Fluencies, that is…

#4 - Getting FLUENT with the 5 FLUENCIES…

#5 – How to make LEARNing “stick”8 I was planning to complete the series in six posts – with the last one highlighting the type of lessons teachers can develop to really “breathe life” into the “Fluencies”. Best laid plans and all of that! However, I had to edit down Post #5 – and missed a very important bit of commentary from Andrew, Lee and Ian…

So, here is Part 6 – or perhaps Part 5b…… 


Weapons of Mass Instruction

Apparently the old approach still works just as well as ever.8 You’d be wrong. One year later, unwarned and therefore unprepared, the students were given the very same test that the previous year they had passed with both groups performing equally well.

The results were astonishing!


While it is not an easy shift, it is very rewarding - for both teachers and students.8 As the 21st-century learning environment revolves around real-world problems, teachers must transition to be crafters of these problems. A well-written scenario that connects real-world relevance to the learner, cultivates the 21st-century fluencies, and addresses curricular objectives sounds like a lot to ask for.

Road to Truth (Buddha quote) Ver 02
This guest-post is adapted from Chapter 10 of Ian, Andrew and Lee’s new book Literacy is NOT Enough
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