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TECHnology, TEACHnology...or LEARNology? YOU Choose...

This is just silly! I have met hundreds of amazing teachers who do not use a great deal of TECHnology...I have also met a large number of teachers who do not create a great deal of LEARNing (or do much effective TEACHing) despite their "toys". The TRUTH...'s not about:


Or even...

And, perhaps...most importantly




OK - I probably wouldn't...but I would "growl" very loudly: mention of TECHnology??? Bloody philosophical luddite.... want talk of "tech"?Meris Stansbury has just completed a great survey on what it takes to be a 21st Century teacher - gotta be loads of TECHnology in her results:

A small "by-line" at the end - Meris, come on?

The thing is both Howard and Meris are so right - who is going to argue with Mr. Multiple-Intelligence himself or the "data" Meris has been gathering from teachers themselves? Talking of "questions" like "What MATTERS?" - we all know it is not the "answers" we discover that make the difference in LEARNing and TEACHingIt is the quality of thinking that the "right" questions create that really "matters"!

Consider these TWO - which one hurts your "grey matter" more?

And, then - choose the one you want to spend more time on... There's been much talk over the years that there is a great deal of TEACHing that takes place - without much LEARNing! So, what happens when we do this type of TEACHing with the type of TECHnology that also does not make a great deal of difference to student LEARNing (but, I'm sure keeps the kids "smiling" - or "busy")....

The BOTTOM LINE is that...

EVERY DAY.....well, at least "once" a week! They know "what MATTERS" - and the TWO questions they always ask of their "toys" are:

Have a great week!

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