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The 21st Century Teacher Trainer…

…or even TEACHer EDUcator!


Twitter Blog Post 02 (21C Culture ver 03)

  1. Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher

  2. Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher - The Sequel

  3. Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher - The Prequel

See, told you so!

8 Teaching, good teaching, has always been about authenticity, values and educational literacy (fluency, too). OK - it is true – technology will play a larger and larger role in the lives of learners and teachers (and trainers, too) – and teachers and teacher educators will increasingly have to have the very same 21st Century technological skills and digital literacies that their students are expected to have.

Fair cop, guv!

8…But, 21st Century education and teacher learning will never be all about the tech n’ toys. Well, it shouldn’t be… I am not alone…and I’ll step on the shoulders of a “giant” to prove it:

Na, nah, na, na, nah – no talk of EdTech from Mr. Multiple Intelligencies himself.8 A more recent “study” from another (very) tech-savvy edu-commentator, Meris Stansbury:

Tony, you are still on "teachers"…look at the “title” of the post, darling!OK, OKgetting there. In a minute! 8 This week, Educational Origami also did a nice post on the 21st Century Teacher – and, surprise-surprise, my man Andrew did the same:

here’s my list of “roles” for the 21st Century Teacher Trainer: