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The End of the HIGHWAY…

Besides, even a Jedi has to look to the dark side now and again.


Tony, that’s just silly”!

I hear a few of you mumble.


“Surely, our schools, colleges and universities are all about LEARNing…aren’t they”?

Sadly, this is not the case.

8 Many of our schools are “teaching schools” (not LEARNing schools). The majority of higher educational institutions remain institutions of “instruction and research”. They have all evolved in a culture that prides itself on being “learnED” and many simply fail to acknowledge that “houses of LEARNing” need to be built on a stronger foundation – a culture of LEARNing. 8

But, are they all effective?


We often forget this.

Now, you know why I love Star Wars so much…

8 The biggest problem in looking at these two perspectives in absolute terms is that both the “walk-the-talk” and the “my-way-or-the-highway” school of thought believe their own talk and that their way is “right”. However, just because we believe we are “right” - does not “right” make. Human beings are social animals – we live, breathe and grow together. However, the rate at which we grow differs – and this means even ideas that appear “right” cannot (and should not) be “forced” on others. As Mevlana reminds us, “ne kadar bilirsen bil, söylediklerin karşındakinin anlayabildiği kadardır” – now, you are going to ask for a translation of this, aren’t you? 8 Furthermore, even if you are a graduate of the “walk-your-talk” school of leadership, you also have to be prepared to LEARN, change your talk and walk a different walk from time to time.