The End of the HIGHWAY…

Besides, even a Jedi has to look to the dark side now and again.


Tony, that’s just silly”!

I hear a few of you mumble.


“Surely, our schools, colleges and universities are all about LEARNing…aren’t they”?

Sadly, this is not the case.

8 Many of our schools are “teaching schools” (not LEARNing schools). The majority of higher educational institutions remain institutions of “instruction and research”. They have all evolved in a culture that prides itself on being “learnED” and many simply fail to acknowledge that “houses of LEARNing” need to be built on a stronger foundation – a culture of LEARNing. 8

But, are they all effective?


We often forget this.

Now, you know why I love Star Wars so much…

8 The biggest problem in looking at these two perspectives in absolute terms is that both the “walk-the-talk” and the “my-way-or-the-highway” school of thought believe their own talk and that their way is “right”. However, just because we believe we are “right” - does not “right” make. Human beings are social animals – we live, breathe and grow together. However, the rate at which we grow differs – and this means even ideas that appear “right” cannot (and should not) be “forced” on others. As Mevlana reminds us, “ne kadar bilirsen bil, söylediklerin karşındakinin anlayabildiği kadardır” – now, you are going to ask for a translation of this, aren’t you? 8 Furthermore, even if you are a graduate of the “walk-your-talk” school of leadership, you also have to be prepared to LEARN, change your talk and walk a different walk from time to time.

  1. REMEMBER leaders are responsible for their organisations, their teams and the culture these teams live and breathe each day. Leaders cannot blame others, cannot blame the past – they have to assume responsibility to create a "new future". And,

  1. KNOW THYSELF and how far your “shadow” reaches The best advice is to:

  1. TREAD softly and bear in mind that stomping on the dreams of educators is the best way to harm student learning – and your learning results

  2. REFLECT and look in the “mirror” every day before you go work

  3. LEARN and re-create yourself every day

And, who can forget George Lucas - who taught me all about "good and evil"!


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