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What is EDUCATIONAL LITERACY? - another DVD Box-Set...

  1. REAL LEARNing I did, of course, link this to the work of Guy Claxton and his call for educators to get busy building up the ResilienceResourcefulnessReflectiveness and Reciprocy our learners need. I have elaborated on Claxton's work in another post - and shared a few great links with everyone:

  2. Building LEARNing Power… Quite a few people thought that I had not really talked enough about “teachers” – so I corrected this:

  3. What about TEACHing and TEACHERS? But noted that perhaps:

  4. Teachers are from Mars, Learners are from Venus It was that post (drawing on the ideas of Knowles) that took us a little deeper into the world of “andragogy” and adult LEARNing. Now, this was not really an area we had decided to look into in much detail – but we then discovered that we were having to explore the notions of literacy/fluency, “cooking” and oh, yes – teacher LEARNing!

  5. Is Literacy REALLY Enough? (or What the HELL is it, anyways?)

  6. How to Make a Mushroom Omelette!

  7. Teacher LEARNing: What do we NEED and what can we DO for ourselves?

  1. Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher…

  2. Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher…the SEQUEL!

  3. Imagineering the 21st Century Teacher…the PREQUEL! The “title” of the above trilogy suggested, to some, that we were talking about allthingstechnology– we were not!

  1. REFLECT yourself to GREATNESS…