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Why do we still have so many MISFIRES with classroom observation? (Part 05)

But, why should this be such a problem for teachers? Most teachers frequently ask questions of themselves to draw out the “strengths” and “weaknesses” of a given lesson. They also reflect on ways that the could have done it differently – and how they might do it differently next time they do a similar class. I suggested that teachers tend to do this by asking three questions – but these three questions miss an important element.

FEELINGS and EMOTIONS Right at the very start of this series (Part 01) we said that one of the reasons we have so many misfires with classroom observation is that “TEACHing is emotional work” - a fact we often forget! Teachers do not only ask factual questions about their lessons – they question how they “feel” about them. They are, after all, highly emotionally-invested in what they do and when they do not do what they know they can and should do in the classroom.

You guessed it...