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Will the REAL 4C's Please Stand Up...AGAIN!

Mmmmmmm....that one went out a bit too early!

"Happiness Engineers" - not too happy (I want my "save" button back - when I try to re-post)!

EngageExploreExplainElaborate and Evaluate...from Roger Bybee and his team) ...and YES....we also have the 6E's and the bloody 7E's, too! There's something about "models" that have both a number and a letter that fascinates teachers - bit like playing with matches or playing with a tooth that hurts with your tongue! I mentioned that one of my favourite approaches to the 4C's was from Ken Kay - and that Ken was in the middle of  a great “series” on the 4C's on his Edutopia-based blog. At that time, Ken had done an introductory post and discussed 5 of the 7 "steps";

  1. The Seven Steps to Becoming a 21st Century School or District

  2. Step 1: Adopt Your Vision

  3. Step 2: Create Community Consensus Around the 4C’s

  4. Step 3: Align Your System to the 4C’s

  5. Step 4: Use the 4Cs to Build Professional Capacity

  6. Step 5: Embed the 4Cs in Curriculum and Assessment

Since that time, he has wrapped up two more posts on Steps 6 and 7 - and these touch on the issues of  TEACHer "motivation" and "engagement" that Troy and I have been discussing this week.

So, I thought I'd share these two links with y'all (also been catching up with the US "X Factor" this week - really starting to hate "music" reality TV)....

Anyways, here they are:

  1. Step 6: Use the 4C’s to Support Teachers

  2. Step 7: Improve and Innovate: Create a 4C’s Organization

If you want to see the original 4C's post - just click HERE

Have a great weekend!

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